Подкаст 1. «Моя школа - Воронежская кадетская школа».

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Our Voronezh Suvorov cadet school was founded on the 27th of November, 2002. There were only 30 cadets. Nowadays there are about 150 of us in our school.

Suvorov cadet school is comprehensive, and at the same time the cadets get elementary military education.

Our school is rather young, it is only 8 years old. I should say we closely co-operate with the Voronezh region Suvorov-Nakhimov Club, Garrison Officers’ House, Patriotic Up-bringing Centres, different veteran organizations.

As our school is secondary comprehensive the school year begins as a rule on the First of September. It lasts nine months. The school year has four terms. During the school year we work hard and we also have four holidays a year. We are at school from Monday till Friday. Saturday and Sunday are days-off, during which we have a rest, but at the same time they are for our self-training.

Our school is a three-storied building, rather plain from outside but more attractive inside. So I’ll take you around my school.

On the ground floor there is a gymnasium, the teachers’ room, the doctor’s room, our cloakroom and two classrooms, for English and Life Safety Rules.

The first floor has the administrative wing and the school museum, but the greater part is occupied by the classrooms for various subjects: History, Maths and Russian. There is also Suvorov Hall.

The second floor has some more classrooms for Physics, Computing, Russian, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. There is also the Library and the Military Glory Hall for our inspections, parties and official gatherings. Of course we decorate our classrooms and Halls for special occasions to make them more pleasant.

It is interesting for me to study, because I learn a lot, and school also teaches us to be good friends, treat our teachers and classmates, parents and grandparents kindly, attentively, with love, care and politeness.

like my school and try to do my best to be a good cadet, pupil and friend. And I hope to become a very good officer.

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maxim ivanov (about 17 hours ago)

hello! III also study at Voronezh cadet suvorov school

maxim ivanov (about 17 hours ago) like my school too. I am very happy that I enter it. It's the best school. It is interesting for me to study, because I learn a lot, and school also teaches us to be good friends, treat our teachers and classmates, parents and grandparents kindly, attentively, with love, care and politeness. As for the building... it is rather modern with the new furniture. My school is very attractive. maxim ivanov (about 17 hours ago)

By the way do you like our school uniform? How do you think is it good to have uniform or is it better to wear free clothes? maxim ivanov (about 17 hours ago)

Pasha, I'm sorry but if I'm not mistaken the Garrison Officers7 House is closed now?

pavel kosov (about 17 hours ago)

thank you, Max! III like my uniform. We have winter and summer uniform. Moreover My parents and relatives are proud to see me wearing military uniform. It's very convenient to have uniform. You don't need to think what to wear. pavel kosov (about 17 hours ago)

Maxim, thank you for your comment about Garrison Officers7 House. You are quite right. It is closed now. stas Popov (about 17 hours ago)

Oh.... good podcast...

stas Popov (about 17 hours ago) study at cadet school only for half a yeat... But I like it. I like the system of education. Our school is full of modern equipment that help us to learn. All classes have computer with internet. It's cool. We learn a lot of subjects at school. On each lesson we can learn a lot of interesting things, if we are attentive at the lesson and do all homework. On Maths we do sums, on History learn a lot about ancient countries, on Literature we speak about writers and poets, discuss books.

. stas Popov (about 17 hours ago)

Pavel, why do you enter cadet suvorov school? Do you want to be an officer?

stas popov (about 17 hours ago)

Why don't you tell about our mess? We have three times meal. What is your favourite dish in our school mess?

pavel kosov (about 17 hours ago)

Thank you for comments. Yes, it's good that we have breakfast, dinner and supper especially for free. It's good for our paretns too. Yes, I want to be an officer because it's a real job for men. My father is officer, my dad took part in the Second World War. It's my duty to enter military university and defend our country

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Источник: Сысоев Павел Викторович. Информационные и коммуникационные технологии в лингвистическом образовании: Учебное пособие.. 2013

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